Draft Trade Evaluator



USING 2024 DATA - Only for players who have played 3 or more games

The players assigned value is purely determined by comparing their average score to the pool of other players in their position. Some positions like HFB, 5/8 and FB are very shallow so the good players in these positions are worth more compared to another player with the same average score but in a deeper pool position (i.e. CTW)

This calculator also doesn't factor in things like injuries, weekly matchups, positional changes or minute changes. Rookies that have never played a game will show up as a 0 score even though their fantasy value could be much higher than this e.g. Jack Bird in 2015.

Players with a "0" for value mean that their average score is at or below whats expected of the worst player in their position pool. You should be able to pick up an equally good player off of free agency

The current setup is for a 10 team league (13starters,4bench) however I'm looking at adding options to select 8 & 12 team leagues as well. Player pool sizes are the maximum number of players you'd expect to be taken in a draft, in this case from a 10 team league:

2RF: (3starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 50
5/8: (1starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 30
CTW: (4starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 60
FLB: (1starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 30
FRF: (2starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 40
HFB: (1starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 30
HOK: (1starters + 1bench + 1dual) * 10 = 30